REVEALED: The Happiest People In The UK Live In Newcastle

Newcastle happiest place in UK

Auf Wiedersehen, grumpiness!

Geordies are the happiest group of people in the country, according to a brand new study into the smiliest parts of the UK.

Conducted by, the survey found that 72% of people from Geordie were reported to smile regularly and feel a “warm glow”. By contrast, the country’s second city Birmingham was declared to be the most miserable place in the United Kingdom, as a mere 40% of its inhabitants were found to be happy.

Newcastle Metro

Contributing to the study, 48-year-old Newcastle local Barry Hale said: “Geordies always have a smile on their face and love having a laugh and a joke and with Newcastle United top of the league we’ve got even more to smile about.”

These things to smile about, according to the study’s criteria, boiled down to a good work-life balance, with family time, trips to the pub, reading and long walks high on the agenda.

Newcastle at night

Here’s a breakdown of the top-five happiest places in the UK.

Newcastle: 72%

Sheffield: 69%

Leeds: 66%

Manchester: 65%

Bristol: 61%

A spokesperson for said: "We wanted to find out exactly what makes the nation tick and just what can impact our moods."