NHS nurse finds threatening note on car after 12-hour shift - but has the best response

31 March 2020, 10:46

The nurse's response has been praised on social media (stock images)
The nurse's response has been praised on social media (stock images). Picture: Getty

The nurse's response to the shocking letter has been hailed on social media.

A nurse has revealed that she found an expletive-ridden note criticising her parking on her car after a 12-hour shift.

The shocking note, which criticised her choice of parking position, reads: "How f***ing stupid and dangerouse (sic) parking here do it again you will be sorry!!!!!"

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However, the Stoke Newington University Hospital nurse hit back in a response that has been hailed by social media users.

The nurse found the note after working a 12-hour shift at a hospital (stock image)
The nurse found the note after working a 12-hour shift at a hospital (stock image). Picture: Getty

Stoke On Trent Live reports that she responded with: "Whilst most people were out clapping for the NHS, you were writing this.

"I am a nurse and working long hours in this very stressful time. Please choose your words wisely.

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"Every evening I have arrived home from work this week there has been nowhere for me to park as most people are staying at home.

"This note has been reported and I ask all of my neighbours to please look out for anyone acting suspicious around my car.

"This note is shameful in any circumstance but even more so at a time like this."

She finished off her reply with #BeKind.

Many have praised the nurse's response, with one woman writing on Facebook: "The sweary and threatening note was stuck on the nurse's car after she had got home and parked after a 12-hour shift.

"When she went to go to work the next morning that was on her windscreen.

"She then went to do another 12-hour shift and wrote up the her reply and put them through the doors of every house on Fenpark Road to let us all know how awful it was and ask if we can keep an eye out for her.

The NHS is working hard to battle coronavirus
The NHS is working hard to battle coronavirus. Picture: Getty

"With everything that's going on right now, this is appalling. Parking isn't great on our street but it ever has been!

"To have this put on this wonderful nurse's car when she got home from looking after people just blows my mind."

Another added: "Appalling, parking spaces can lead to stressful problems but there is no excuse for this. Thanks for all you're doing, I hope someone allows you their space if they need to stay home sweetheart."


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