You're More Likely To Get Frisky If You Possess THIS Personality Trait

Couple in bed

Pffft.... who said that nice guys finish last?

There has long been the notion that 'nice guys finish last' when it comes to dating, however new research is proving that you're actually MORE likely to get attention from your crush.

A recent study study in British Journal of Psychology claims that being nice is actually the sexiest trait a person can have, and those who have a more altruistic approach to life are actually more likely to get their leg over.

Basically, you catch more flies with honey, if you know what we mean!

192 women and 105 men answered a survey for the study about their altruistic habits, which included how often they give blood, gave to charities and helped out their neighbours. 

Conclusions drawn from the study found that people who scored higher when it came to being selfless were more likely to have had their fair share of lovers.

To be fair, all might not be as it seems. 

Remember, the survey relied on the participants to give an honest account of their sex lives and their charitable causes — meaning there could have been a few porkies thrown around.

Either way, being nicer won't hurt and if worse comes to worse you'll just get a little more frisky!