Scientists Have Proven Older Siblings Are The Most Clever And Here’s Why!

19 December 2017, 17:05

Scientists Have Proven Older Siblings Are The Most

Older siblings rejoice, this is the moment you have all been waiting for.

To all the older brothers and sisters of the world, this is your moment.

Yes, science has finally recognised that the eldest siblings are the most clever and there are even tests and stuff to prove it and we have all the information you need to brag to your little brother or sister.

According to a study conducted by the University of Edinburgh elder siblings have a tendency to score higher on IQ tests than their siblings from the age as early as one years old.

According to the experts, one reason for this is that first borns received more mental stimulation from parents as soon as they are born as opposed to younger siblings who have to share the attention of their parents even when they are very young.

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Not only that but scientists have also improved that we get our intelligence from our mum!


Intelligence genes are carried by the X chromosome of which women have two and men only have one which means females are more likely to transfer their intelligence to the child than males.

So if you have a clever clogs mum then you're in luck!