You'll Know If You're Going To Have A Good Day At EXACTLY This Time Each Day!

Dog with eye mask on and alarm clock

You probably know whether it's going to be a good day or a rubbish one before you even leave the house in the morning!

There are many factors that affect our emotional balance and these change daily.

Everything from having an argument with our partner, to our boss overloading us with work, to simply feeling like you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed can have an affect on how we feel when we awake in the morning. 

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But now a brand new survey has found that us Brits have an average of one bad day a week! EUGH!

What's more, most of us know if we're going to have a good or a bad day from as early as 8.12am apparently. 

The good news however, is that our moods are pretty temperamental and can easily be improved. 

In fact 41% of us say that listening to music helps us release, whilst 36% advocate eating a good meal for an instant pick me up. 

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(So if you know your colleague missed their alarm this morning, then we suggest you steer well clear until tomorrow!)