Hugging Couple Appear To Bend The Rules of Physics In Mind-Bending Illusion!

Optical illusion couple

The internet has erupted trying to figure out who is standing where in this mind-blowing picture...can you figure it out?!

Get read to feel very, very confused by this mind-bending optical illusion of a couple hugging!

A photo posted to Imgur shows a guy and a girl embracing on a beach, but somehow it's impossible to tell on first glance who's standing where...

Amazingly, the photo has been viewed 1.6 million times, with many saying the the couple look like they've been sawn in half in some kind of weird magic trick! 

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Take a look at the picture here...

Optical Illusion full length

It really does look like her legs are in front of his, even though we know this can't be possible. 

Have you figured it out yet?

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Feeling confident you've got it down? Here's the solution... 

Optical illusion couple solution

The man's shorts, outlined in red, are actually made of two colours of fabric, which is what makes this image so confusing!

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The portion of the picture outlined in pink is the girl's skirt, which can't be seen between the gap in his legs because of its length. 

Now you see it, you can't unseen it!

Did you work this one out?!