This App Will Work Out The Perfect Name For Your Baby!

6 March 2018, 11:01 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

Naming Baby App

By Naomi Berners

Would you let technology decide on a moniker for your little one?

It's a pretty big deal choosing a name for your baby - they're stuck with it for life after all.

You want something that suits them at whatever age, something that doesn't get shortened to a nickname they'll hate, and something that has a nice meaning to it.

No pressure then.

You'll think of a name you like, then run to tell your other half only to be met with: "My uncle's friend's brother has that name, and he's a bit of a weirdo."


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Well, for confused parents-to-be, a new app has been created; brimming with clever techy things like artificial intelligence and algorithms, it's designed to help figure out the perfect name for your future offspring.

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Namey will ask you to enter your 'unique baby requirements', such as name origin, preferred first letter, desired characteristics, name meaning and other family members' names.

Namey App
Credit: Namey (Venturecomm Limited)

It will then churn out a whole heap of suggestions, from traditional names through to original monikers that you've probably never even heard of.

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You can then filter it down either further, and even create polls to send to loved ones if you are torn between a few potentials.

Namey App 2
Credit: Namey (Venturecomm Limited)

Namey is available on IOS and Android - and it's proving to be a bit of a hit with those who have already given it a go.

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