These are the baby names that parents REGRET the most

27 March 2018, 11:37 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

Shocked Baby

By Naomi Berners

The list might surprise you!

Deciding on a name for your baby is one of life's toughest choices, and it seems that a lot of parents admit that they no longer like the moniker they settled on for their child.

In a survey conducted by mumsnet, a fifth of parents revealed that they'd choose a different name, given the chance.

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The top 10 most regretted names are:

1. Alex

2. Jacob

3. Charlotte

4. Amelia 

5. Anne

6. Elsa

7. May

8. Fredrick

9. Daniel

10. Anthony

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Out of the parents that took the survey, 32% of those said that the regret began to creep in within the first 6 weeks, with 23% saying it was around the time of their tot starting nursery or school.

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The biggest reason WHY was down to the fact the name was too commonly used, and this rang true with 25% of mums. Closely followed was simply the vibe that it "didn't feel right", which struck a chord with 21% of parents.

Possibly the most shocking statistic is the fact that the third most popular reason behind the regret is that a mum had 'never liked it' and felt 'pressured' into using the name, which 20% of mums admitted.

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For 2018 so far, Emma and Liam top the list of favourite names for babies, closely followed by Olivia and Noah. 

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