Latest baby name trend sees Brits giving their babies SPANISH titles

14 June 2018, 10:52 | Updated: 14 June 2018, 17:10

Spanish baby names

British parents are ignoring traditional baby names in favour of more exotic monikers, and there's some adorable names on the list.

Luna, Rafaella and Violetta are among the top Spanish baby names for girls, with Luciano and Rafael making appearances on the boys list.

As Latin music takes over the charts and influences fashion trends, there is now an increasing number of parents eager to add a Latin flavour to their family with an exotic baby name.

Looking over the list, it's no wonder the Spanish names are a hit - and some of them will make you wish your own parents had looked abroad for inspiration when you were born.  

Top trending Spanish names for girls

1. Luna

2. Rafaela

3. Violeta

4. Antonella

5. Gabriela

6. Valentina

7. Julieta

8. Lucía

9. Alba

10. Arely

Top trending Spanish names for boys

1. Octavio

2. Javier

3. Vivaldo

4. Cristóbal

5. Alejandro

6. Luciano

7. Rafael

8. Valentín

9. Máximo

10. Eduardo

But you don't need to go as far as Europe to find an unusual name for your little bundle of joy. 

More and more parents have found inspiration in mythology, and even from their favourite foods.