Teachers Are Receiving Some BIZARRE End-Of-Term Gifts...

20 July 2017, 15:25 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

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Whatever happened to Thank You cards?

The school summer holidays are upon us, which means that the nation’s teachers can expect a gift or two from their favourite students. What did you used to give to a kind teacher back in the day? A box of chocolates? A thank you card? Or how about, umm, a Daddy Longlegs in box? Yikes.

Clintons the greetings retailer have just revealed the results of a survey to identify the top ten most unusual gifts received by teachers. It makes for baffling reading, with that Daddy Longlegs in a box coming in at number one. We’re just going to say that again: Daddy. Longlegs. In. A. Box.


In our day, we gave Teacher an apple, and they were grateful.  [Picture: iStock]

At number two, it’s a homemade tie rack made from old toilet rolls and curry jars. Now, this present displays ingenuity and craft skills. We think the kid who made it could go far – and we hope their teacher looked impressed.

At number three,  it’s a box full of shredded tissue. Aww, you shouldn’t have. No really – you shouldn’t have.

Disturbingly, at number four, it’s a T-shirt with ‘sexy’ written on it. O-kaaay…

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At number five, it’s a traditional Russian Dress. Just what we’ve always wanted!

At number six, it’s a Papier-mâché monster. Oh, bless. We’d actually quite like one of those.

Drumroll, please… At number seven, it’s a Mini Cooper. What what what? Not just a little car on a keyring – an actual Mini Cooper?! OK, now we wish we’d continued with our teacher training.


Top of the class! [Picture: iStock]

Flying in at number eight, it’s a giant glass ornamental angel. Lovely. But after that Mini Cooper, this glass angel needs to be hand blown and exquisitely crafted by the child in question, or Teach may just ‘accidentally’ drop it on the floor.

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A packet of bacon flavour crisps is the thoughtful present at number nine. Yum! Too bad if Miss is a vegan.

And lastly, at number ten, it’s - bath towels. Now that’s actually quite handy.

We hope that all you hardworking teachers out there enjoy your summer holidays, gifts or no gifts. 

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