This mum compiled a list of bizarre baby names overheard in the playground

16 August 2018, 13:21

Weirdest Baby Names

By Alice Westoby

Need baby name inspiration? Here are some unique names shared by baffled parents online after one parent was looking for 'posh' name suggestions.

Baby names seem to be getting out of hand in the UK but this Mumsnet thread has proved that parents will go to any lengths to give their child a unique name.

One mum kickstarted a discussion about 'upper class baby names' on the parenting forum and it erupted with wild and wacky baby names being shared by parents across the internet.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

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The names, many of which had been overheard in the playground, and some heard by their teachers.

User 'Shadowboy' said: "I have taught Bunny, Clementine, Ophelia, Wren, Rupert, Peregrine, Caleb, Winter, Alexander, Hugo.... ole hen I remember more will add. These were all at a private boarding school so more likely to have money than not."

One thing is for sure, they are pretty unique and here are some of our favourites...





Antigone (Tiggy for short)




Another user suggested looking in the birth announcements section of The Telegraph or suggested looking at the alumni lists of expensive boarding schools for name inspiration.

Would you give your child a 'posh' baby name?