Parents Are Stumped At This SATs Maths Question Aimed At Seven-Year-Olds!

Difficult SATs question

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We all love a good brainteaser, especially when it pits us adults against our children, but this parents have been left stumped at this exam maths question aimed at Year 2 pupils. 

One mum, Louise Bloxham, tweeted a photo of the question aimed at seven-year-olds and it has since gained attention from other keen puzzle solvers. 

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Louise then goes on to comment: "If you think the answer is 65 you wold be wrong," saying that the answer is 46. 

But is she correct? The internet seem to be split over whether Louise is completely wrong or it is indeed too difficult for a seven-year-old.

How can it be done?

To work it out, you need to go through the question backwards.

63 people minus the 17 people who got on the train is 46. 

46 people are on the bus and then ADD the 19 who got off at the first stop. 

What are you left with? 65. 

What did you get?

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