Is it ever OK to... change a baby in someone's house without asking permission?

14 June 2018, 10:43 | Updated: 14 June 2018, 10:56


By Emma Gritt

This week's conundrum sees a self-confessed 'child disliker' wonder if her friend has crossed the line, or if SHE is the one with the problem.

A visit from an old friend should be a happy affair - but for one woman, she wished she hadn't come over... or had at least left her baby at home. 

Posting on Netmums, the anonymous poster asked if she was being unreasonable for being outraged that her old friend had changed her baby's nappy in the middle of her living room without asking first if it was OK. 

She wrote: "I don't have children, I don't particularly like other people's children, or the fact they impact my life more than I feel they should given i didn't choose to have them.

"But, I keep these views relatively private and am obviously happy enough to accommodate friends kids around, and have a fairly liberal view of the world in terms of rearing them.

"Basically, an old uni friend who I've not seen for a while popped round with her 19 month old, who I probably last saw when she was 4 months. Mid-pleasant catch-up it's apparent 19 month old needs nappy changing and it's definitely solids. 

"Friend proceeds not to break conversation but whip out a very small changing mat and some wipes etc, lay it all on the carpet and introduce fresh faecal matter into my front room. 

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"I didn't say anything at the time as I was genuinely a bit confused, swinging between repulsed and my liberal back to nature ideals - maybe i shouldn't be annoyed by this? 

"But my digestive biccie now has a overpowering scent of poo accompanying it, and my other friend looks like he's about to start retching. 

"I am very supportive of breast feeding in public etc, that just hasn't got any argument against it, why should anyone be made to eat their lunch in a toilet, but in the same vein - why is it acceptable to change a nappy in a living room rather than a perfectly well equipped bathroom or even ANY other room that we are not drinking tea in? 

"I'm a health care professional, I get a liberal dowsing of other people's bodily fluids on a fairly regular basis so i'm really not squeamish but that just seemed rude and pretty rank to me. 

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"I get that you are probably completely immune to your own child's effluence, but to expect others to find it as delightful seems unreasonable. 

"And clearly being made to lie a wriggling toddler on a cold tiled floor is not ideal either but surely someone else's carpeted lounge (the same one 5 mins before said toddler was being breast fed in)is equally unacceptable. 


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