New 'chestfeeding' kit will allow dads to breastfeed their babies

13 February 2019, 12:40 | Updated: 13 February 2019, 16:08

The first ever kit of it's kind will allow dad's to feed babies in simulated version of breast feeding.

A clever student has designed the world's first ever 'chest feeding kit' to allow dads to feed their newborns.

The kid which contains lab produced female hormones will allow dads to fulfil a role similar to mothers.

The game changing kit is designed by 24-year-old Marie-Claire Springham to try and combat post-natal depression in fathers caused by feeling left out.

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Marie-Claire Springham is the clever mind behind the 'chest feeder'
Marie-Claire Springham is the clever mind behind the 'chest feeder'. Picture: GMB

Appearing on Good Morning Britain she explained: “I designed this first as an empathy tool, I was looking at post-natal depression and I learnt so much, particularly that it occurs in men and the main cause of that is the feeling of being left out."

“It’s not necessarily because they’re breastfeeding, it’s infant preference, I read a lot of heartfelt accounts, the dad comes home all ready to be Super Dad and the baby’s not interested because the baby’s attracted to the smell of breast milk and that’s what mum smells like.”

Richard Madely wasn't a fan of the device
Richard Madely wasn't a fan of the device. Picture: ITV

Good Morning Britain host Richard Madely gave the device a go live on the show to demonstrate how it works.

However, despite the serious issue that the device has been created to combat, many GMB viewers didn't take it seriously at all.

One mother tweeted: "The world has gone mad" while another said: "This is absolutely ridiculous".