This Dad Has Four Daughters And He Tweets Every Hilarious Moment

Dad twitter canvas

This one is dedicated to all of you dads out there. 

Exploding Unicorn - or James Breakwell - has four young daughters and, much to his wife's annoyance, is an incessant over-sharer. 

He tweets the conversations he has with each of his daughters where they discuss key moments in life and the results are hilarious. 

We guarantee that you won't be able to read this without being able to relate to at least one! 

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1. Learning to ride a bike

2. Dad's love housework

3. Just a Star Wars fan or a premonition?

4. When Dad gets 'em ready for school 

 5. Daddy Cool 

 6. The Princess dream is real

7. Daddy not-so-cool

8. Like mother, like daughter

9. Potty training  

10. Family planning is crucial...

11. Remember kids see everything...

Sometimes his incredibly tolerant wife makes an appearance:

There's no doubt about it, dads are cool. Sometimes.