Dad shares simple trick to help his crying baby go to sleep in adorable video

3 September 2020, 13:25

Austin Miles Geter has revealed his trick to help his daughter sleep
Austin Miles Geter has revealed his trick to help his daughter sleep. Picture: Facebook.Austin Miles Geter

A video on Facebook has gone viral which shows a dad getting his daughter to sleep.

For all the parents who struggle to get their little ones off to sleep, now one dad has revealed his trick which works every time.

Austin Miles Geter, from Dallas, shared a clip on Facebook which shows how he manages to help newborn daughter Charlie to drop off.

In the adorable clip, Austin can be seen rocking his little girl with his hand resting under her chin while she cries.

This trick actually worked really well. She was OUT 😂

Posted by Austin Miles Geter on Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Little Charlie is dressed in a sweet pink babygrow, with her eyes wide open looking towards the camera.

But as soon as he begins rubbing her eyebrow, she seemingly nods off within seconds.

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"So here we are, she keeps crying because I keep having to change positions but I know she’s sleepy," he explains.

"But I heard if you gently rub their eyebrows they go to sleep.

"So I’m going to try it."

As his little one nods off, Austin silently punches the air in success.

He captioned the video: "This trick actually worked really well. She was OUT".

Since sharing his hack last week, it has now been shared 9.5k times on Facebook and received more than 30k likes.

One person commented: "Tried it on my youngest and it worked, also loved between the eyebrows and down nose.”

"Wish I knew that trick 17 years ago when my daughter was a beautiful little nugget!,” said another.

A third added: “That's how I would get my son to sleep too when he was little. I would take the corner of his baby blanket and gentle rub it on his face and he would go to sleep so quick. That trick was a lifesaver.”

While a fourth agreed: “Used to do that to my granddaughter, 30 seconds and she was asleep!”

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