Tips For Dads Doing Daughters' Hair

Dads doing daughters hair

Are you a clueless dad when it comes to plaits, buns and ponytails? Never fear, tips for dads is here!

Dads often have a bad reputation when it comes to doing their daughters' hair - to them a ponytail is simply the tail of a horse and a bun is something you buy in the bakery. 

Oh no, not these dads. These father's are super cool and they know just what they're doing - they're armed with gadgets and they're not afraid to use them! 

From making the most of a vacuum cleaner to mastering the hair-bobble to using ahem, unusual products to keep their daughter's 'dos slick. 

What's more, they're willing to share their pearls of wisdom! They've made clever videos for you to follow so you can ace this daddy stylist thing - KAPOW!

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The vacuum cleaner ponytail:

Can't find a comb? No problem, a vacuum cleaner will do:

The art of the bun twizzle:

Is she a fidget? Trust us, we've got this:

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Some bobbles just aren't strong enough for a dad:

And there are the dads that go above and beyond for their daughter's hair: