Danielle Lloyd defends letting her sons eat with their HANDS instead of cutlery

2 August 2018, 15:44 | Updated: 2 August 2018, 16:50

By Rume Ugen

The mum-of-four riled Good Morning Britain viewers for claiming it's not important for kids to learn table manners.

Danielle Lloyd has been branded "lazy" after she admitted her 4-year-old son doesn't eat with a knife and fork. 

The former glamour model, 34, appeared on today's Good Morning Britain to discuss new research that claims over half of children between the ages of two and five cannot use a knife and fork.

She said that she doesn't mind when her four sons, one of whom is eight-years-old, put their cutlery down and just use their hands to eat spaghetti bolognese and roast potatoes.

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Danielle revealed: "Sometimes my four-year-old will pick up spaghetti bolognese and put it in his mouth and I don't see why it's a problem as long as he's eating it.

"As long as they're eating the food what is the problem?"

Danielle has three children with her ex-husband Jamie O'Hara, Archie, 8, Harry, 6, George, 4 and a 10-month-old baby, Ronnie, with her fiancé Michael O'Neill. 

However, not everyone was impressed with her laidback approach to table manners, and her views came under fire from fellow panelist and behavioural  specialist Lorrine Marer.

She said that Danielle should have disciplined her four-year-old son George "at least two years ago."

Understandably the issue quickly sparked a debate, with viewers flocking to Twitter to air their opinion on Danielle's parenting.

Some claimed her kids were "spoilt" and she had "no control" over them, while others branded them "lazy."