Mum divides opinion for wanting kids to use a 'ticketing system' for the toilet

25 January 2019, 11:59 | Updated: 25 January 2019, 15:53

Would YOU introduce a toilet ticketing system for your kids? (Stock image)
Would YOU introduce a toilet ticketing system for your kids? (Stock image). Picture: Getty

A mum has shocked Mumsnet after revealing she's considering introducing time limits and regulations over her family's toilet time

A fed-up mum has spoken of her desire to introduce a ticketing system for her family's loo, after becoming increasingly annoyed at how long her kids spend on the toilet.

She wrote the tongue-in-cheek comment on the 'Am I Being Unreasonable?' section of Mumsnet, explaining: "We have one toilet, which is inside the bathroom.

"Every time I walk upstairs to use the loo some f***** is in the toilet. I am much quicker at using the loo than the rest of the family.

Many Mumsnet users shared the woman's frustrations (stock image)
Many Mumsnet users shared the woman's frustrations (stock image). Picture: Getty

"I'm sick of it and I'm going to start issuing time slots and punch cards. Or have the toilet electrified and anyone who goes over their 5 minutes gets a nasty shock."

Commenters were quick to voice their shared exasperation of their families toilet time, with one writing: "My kids do get a time limit on occasion, if they are more than five minutes they can come back and try again later."

Another added: "Or you could move house.

"We're moving in a few weeks and will suddenly have 5 toilets...and an extra one in the guest shed in the garden. There are currently only three people in our family and the small one is still wearing nappies."

Does anyone in your family take too much time in the toilet? (Stock image)
Does anyone in your family take too much time in the toilet? (Stock image). Picture: Getty

Some shared their own toilet-sharing horror stories, with one writing: "My dad is someone who will spend easily an hour on the loo. When you're a teenager trying to get to school and there are two other teenagers living in the same house and your dad takes pretty much all of the bathroom time, it's horrible and embarrassing.

"My mum used to lecture me about not washing properly in the morning. Between my dad and my two older siblings I was lucky if I got five minutes to even clean my teeth!

"Yanbu op. Electrify the loo seat or fit it with retractable spikes. Better yet, a timer that deposits the toilet hogger out the window. That'll speed them up."

And one commenter suggested: "You need to block WiFi in the loo."


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