"Josh, I mean Jessica!" The REAL Reason You Get Your Kids Names Wrong


We're ALL guilty of it...and BOY is it annoying, but new new research claims that we shouldn't take being called the wrong name personally.

Kids know the personal embarrassment of being referred by your sibling and sometimes even your pet's name (we mean, what the?!), before you are finally called by your own moniker. 

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However, it seems that we're now being told not to take this 'misnaming' as too much of a personal affront.

The reason? 

Well apparently when it comes to loved ones and close friends, we actually reserve a certain section of our brains to pop their details in that's separate to everyone else. 

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People who are in this same section are likely to get muddled up with one another, meaning friends are mistaken for family members and vice versa... and probably explains why you sometimes get called the dog's name! 

The experts at Duke University claim that these slip-ups aren't just random therefore, but that being called someone else's name is actually a sign of endearment as it means you're very important to the person doing the muddling! 

So there you have it. Next time, try not to have a go at mum for calling you your sister, brother and even goldfish's name before you're own - it isn't just you!