This law might make you reconsider hosting your kid's party at home

Kids birthday party

Make sure you are aware of all the facts before hosting a birthday party at your house.

Hosting your kids birthday party at home can seem like an innocent decision, but in a world full of lawsuits its good to be aware of all the facts before you do.

Teesside Live spoke to solicitor, Sarah Garner from DAS Law, about all the jargon surrounding where you stand when hosting a birthday party in your home and where responsibility lies.

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What if a child gets injured?

If you are hosting the party in your home then the blame could lie at your door as you have a duty of care to all guests.

But if you are using a local hall such as at a sports centre or church then the responsibility for duty of care of care shifts to the owner of the venue instead as they have a responsibility to risk assess the premises.

I am hosting the party at home, how can I ensure safety?

Risk assess your property for any potential hazards to make sure that no incidents can occur at the party. 

If an injury occurred the guest would need evidence of negligence in order to hold you accountable. Also, it's worth remembering that even if parents are present you are still the person with a duty of care to everyone on your property.

Kids birthday party

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What checks should I do when hiring a party facility?

Check that the venue has public liability insurance; if they refuse to show you or don't have it do not proceed with the booking.

Will my home insurance cover me against any claims made against me?

You would need to check with your individual insurance provider to find out the level of cover you have in the event of a claim against you.

It's also definitely worth getting additional cover if you are planning on hosting a party.