Three quarters of parents rely on the internet to do kids' homework

27 February 2020, 12:00 | Updated: 27 February 2020, 12:24

Parents admit to needing a bit of extra help with some subjects (stock photo)
Parents admit to needing a bit of extra help with some subjects (stock photo). Picture: Getty

A new study has found that almost all parents struggle to keep up with the extra learning that their kids bring home.

You're not imagining it, kids today really do have a lot more homework than we used to - and it's trickier, too.

So it's unsurprising that almost all parents surveyed by TalkTalk, a whopping 97 per cent, admit to relying on the internet when it comes to giving their kids a helping hand.

Nearly as many, 84 per cent, admitted they struggle to keep up with their kids’ homework syllabus.

Another overwhelming finding was that maths is the subject that leaves kids and grown-ups the most baffled, with a third of parents admitting that they have forgotten the basic formulas that they learnt in school, and the difference between rational and irrational numbers remains a mystery to many.

The data also pointed to clear differences in specialist subjects between the genders, with dads five times more likely to confidently recite the order of the planets, but three times more likely to struggle with English Literature than mums.

Meanwhile, history and English grammar are the subjects that both parents felt most confident helping with.

As schools introduce online platforms for homework tasks, kids and parents nowadays are increasingly dependent on the internet. Three quarters of British parents admitted they would feel frustrated, stressed and worried if their broadband started playing up during homework time.

Nick Gunga, Chief Customer Officer at TalkTalk, said: “We understand the need for families to have access to fast, reliable broadband to help make their busy lives easier, and getting through homework is no exception.

"TalkTalk aims to support households across the nation whatever their connectivity needs – be that streaming the latest blockbuster or surfing the internet for Pythagoras’ Theorem."

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