Is shouting at your kids child abuse? Parents' group erupts after THIS question

22 June 2018, 15:57 | Updated: 22 June 2018, 16:18

angry parent, shouting at child

One mum got more than she bargained for when she asked for impartial parenting advice online.

An American mother has been widely criticised after asking how to stop her teenage daughter from crying after shouting at her.

The anonymous parent posed the query on Internet forum Quora, asking: "How do I teach my 16-year-old daughter not to cry when I yell at her for doing something wrong?"

It wasn't long before a flurry of furious responses came in from people who claimed her method of parenting was verging on child abuse.

One harsh response read: "First off, chances are you are almost 100% at fault if your daughter did something wrong YOU are at fault.

"She is the product of YOUR teaching, and YOUR example.

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"If she gives into peer pressure it is YOUR fault for not giving her the confidence to stand by her principles, or you did not give her the principles to follow.

"Go off in a corner and yell at yourself."  

This lengthy thread has since been shared on Reddit where the anonymous teen gained even more sympathy.

Another user wrote: "Growing up my mother would constantly yell at me over the silliest things." 

"She would belittle me, would make fun of my appearance in front of my family and friends. She was my childhood bully."

Some even stressed that she could risk "never seeing your baby again".

Despite some of the more harsh commentary there were some parents who're quick to stress the importance of "context" in heated arguments.

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