Kids as young as 8 are suffering from 'WHIPLASH' because of too much phone use

8 May 2018, 15:58 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

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'Text neck' is a new term being used by physiotherapists after seeing an increase of children suffering from bad neck pain.

If your youngster spends a lot of time glued to their phone or tablet, you might need to check that their posture isn't being affected.

The motion of looking down at a phone for long periods of time is causing kids as young as 8 to complain about back and neck pain, which experts are linking to a kind of 'whiplash' - an injury more commonly associated with car crash victims.

Severe 'text neck' can result in needing months of physio to rectify the problem.

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Physiotherapist Felicity Kermode explained to The Daily Mail: "Text neck is a range of symptoms related to having your head down for a long period of time using a mobile device. In extreme cases the pain could prevent them from participating in sport or even getting through a full day at school."

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As well as back and neck discomfort, other Text Neck symptoms include sharp pains in the shoulders, and an intermittent or constant headache which develops when looking down or using an electronic device.

The nature of looking down can triple the weight that the neck has to hold, therefore creating a repetitive strain issue in extreme cases.

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The best way to prevent Text Neck is to ensure that phones or tablets are held at eye level as often as possible, and to take frequent breaks from them.

By keeping your shoulders and neck straight will encourage your neck to engage in a more neutral position, and put minimal strain on your muscles and joints.

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