Is it safe to kiss a baby on the lips? Dangers and warnings revealed

14 September 2018, 11:52 | Updated: 14 September 2018, 12:06

Newborn baby

By Alice Westoby

Kissing newborn babies can put their immune systems at risk but is it really that dangerous?

When there's a new baby around it's hard to resist smothering them with cuddles and kisses, newborns are adorable after all.

But it's worth baring in mind that a new baby means a new immune system that is vulnerable to all the germs in the world - so is it 

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It's easy for people to feel scare-mongered around topics like this so here's the word from the experts...

Is it dangerous to kiss a newborn baby?

GP Dr Sarah Jarvis spoke to The Sun about the potential dangers and revealed that the main culprit that could be passed from parent to child is the herpes virus that causes cold sores.

She said: "If a mum has a cold sore and kisses her baby, it's possible she could pass the virus to her baby.

"And theoretically breastfeeding is a risk too.

"If mum touches her mouth, then her breast the virus will be on her skin and could be passed to her baby."

Newborn babies

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Is having too many visitors bad for your newborn?

She warns new parents to be vigilant particularly when having visitors over to visit their new baby.

The more people means the more germs that could potentially reach the baby. It's understandable that you'll want visitors, but make sure they wash their hands when they arrive to get rid of anything nasty.

She said: "Keep your babies isolated, don't let just anyone come visit them, and make sure they are constantly washing their hands.

"Don't let people kiss your baby, and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby."