Mum calls upon daughter, 3, to help deliver her sister

24 July 2018, 16:37 | Updated: 24 July 2018, 17:00

Tiff Delancy says that letting Nora help bring baby Violet in to the world has developed an unbreakable bond between the pair.

A yoga instructor says inviting her three-year-old daughter into the birthing pool to deliver her baby sister has created a ‘sacred bond’ between her children.

Tiff Delancy started feeling contractions at her Orange County home early on October 28th, 2015 in the lead up to the birth of her second child. 

To ease the pain she got into the birthing pool at her home and was joined by her midwife, husband Topher and beautiful three-year-old daughter Nora. 

The little girl was invited into the birthing pool with her mum so she could have a front row seat to the moment her sibling came into the world. 

“I cannot imagine not having her there with me. It would have felt like going through it all while missing a limb,” Tiff said. 


saying bye bye to our babies for FIVE days! heading to NY for our first trip away from them and this feels like the most absolutely insane thing I’ve ever done. It feels so unnatural and incomprehensible for me to let go of control in this way and be away from them for this long. like I’m a little out of my mind and in shock right now! walking around the airport alone now and i already feel like i don’t know what to do with my empty arms #ISTHISREALLIFE i don’t know how in the hell I’m gonna deal but i know this is going to be a huge growing experience for all of us! (somebody please tell me I’ll survive!!) there’s a battle of conflicting emotions going on inside of me; excitement/anxiety. i am somehow holding it together for now... but we will see how long that lasts at least i know our girls are in good hands @laurt78 current life mantras : “it’s all going to work out” & “everything will be ok” #deepbreaths #norajaneandvioletlu #tophandtiffdonyc

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She even helped her mum relax during the birthing process by stroking her back and giving her dad a splash of encouragement. 

Tiff added: “We wanted Nora to be part of everything and it’s created such a beautiful bond with our girls. It’s unusual but I would absolutely recommend.” 

With Nora by her side, Tiff gave birth at 9:46am to Violet Lu Delancy who weighed 7lb 2oz. 

Tiff says that she immediately saw a change in little Nora. The two sisters were introduced to each other shortly after the birth, creating the first of a lifetime of memories and establishing an unbreakable bond.

She said: “She became maternal and treated her little sister in such a gentle, nurturing manner. It completely melted my heart.”