Outraged mum discovers husband has been buying cigarettes for her 18-year-old son behind her back

26 September 2018, 15:29 | Updated: 26 September 2018, 15:31

She was upset that her husband didn't tell her about her son's addiction
She was upset that her husband didn't tell her about her son's addiction. Picture: Getty

She has claimed that she can't trust her husband anymore after uncovering the secret.

An outraged mother has claimed she can't trust her husband any more after discovering he had been buying her 18-year-old son cigarettes behind her back.

She shared her story on parenting blogging site Mumsnet to gauge a reaction from other parents about whether she was being unreasonable to be upset with her husband.

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She said: "My DS (18) confessed to me last night that he smokes. Of course I was disappointed but he's 18 so he has a right to make his own life choices. What REALLY upset and annoyed me was, my ds told me that he told my DH August 2017 and ever since then my DH has been buying him cigarettes with our money, behind my back."

"So he's not just kept this secret from me but has been going behind my back on a daily basis for over a year now! AIBU to feel like I can't trust him anymore? Note: this isn't the first time he's lied to me. I'm so confused. I would never keep secrets from him especially about our DC. I feel like I don't even know him anymore."

Her son had been hiding his smoking habit from her
Her son had been hiding his smoking habit from her. Picture: Getty

Many Mumsnet users waded in with their opinions on the subject with many agreeing that they would be annoyed if they were in her shoes.

One user pointed out that it's not just a betrayal of trust but an issue of money too. She said: "Cigs are v. expensive and your dp has bee enabling your son to do something expensive, additive and bad for his health."

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Another agreed and said: "Why on earth as your husband been buying him cigarettes?! I can't understand why any parent would do that!"

However there were a couple of voices that stuck up for her husband and said he was simply keeping her son's secret and it was up to him to tell his mum about his cigarette addiction.

A user called Walkingdeadfangirl said: "Maybe your DS asked him to keep it to himself, he was obviously afraid of your reaction. It was your DS secret to tell you, its not your DH role to betray his son."

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