Mum sparks debate after feeding placenta smoothie to her husband and son

Mum feeds family placenta smoothies

By Alice Westoby

Mum of four Jay Woodall is a self confessed 'clean eating yoga mama' but is this too far?

Eating your placenta is no new fad despite it still being a gut wrenching thought for some. 

Celebrities have been consuming it for years by getting theirs made into pills or blending it into drinks claiming health benefits galore.

A-listers who are fans of the birth organ include Kourtney Kardashian and Katherine Heigl, who have both eaten parts of it.

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But have you ever heard of someone feeding their placenta to others? Well mum of four Jay Woodall, 33, from Hampshire has fed it to her husband and son in a bizarre act of healthy eating.

She paid for her placenta to be turned into smoothies and pills which cost her over £150.

In an interview with The Sun she said: "People are grossed out, but I do a lot weird things anyway."

"I’m up for trying things out if it’s going to benefit my health and my body, or my children’s bodies."

Speaking about the taste of the peculiar drink, she said: "It didn’t really taste of anything because I had it with coconut water and berries."

"But I did have had a little taste of it on its own before and it just tastes a bit like liver, an irony, metallic taste. It’s not horrible, it’s not a disgusting taste at all."

In terms of the benefits of the smoothie she said: "My energy levels were really high, through the roof. Also, my milk production was double what it normally is.


A post shared by Jay Woodall (@mrsjaywoodall) onOct 31, 2017 at 11:40am PDT

"I had to actually take less tablets because it was helping me produce too much milk when I was breastfeeding. It was a bit ridiculous."

Khloe Kardashian has already revealed she plans to take after her sister and get her placenta made into pills.

Perhaps more of us should be doing it! What do you think?