Mum's plea to find daughter's lost toy has everyone reaching out to help

4 April 2018, 14:46 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

Lost rabbit toy asset

Twitter users have been on the hunt to find a little girl's favourite toy after she realised she'd left it on the tube.

Gemma Broxup has caused a stir after crying out for help on social media to reunite her daughter with the adorable stuffed bunny she's had since birth.

According to the distraught mother, her 5-year-old daughter was left "in tears" when she discovered the rabbit was missing and is hoping her urgent plea will help to locate the toy.

“He was a gift when she was born,” Broxup told Metro of the toy’s sentimental value. “She has him every night in bed and he has been in [the] hospital with her when she had scarlet fever.”

The news has struck a chord with Twitter users who have been retweeting and sharing the picture, helping to send the tweet viral. 

I'm 21 and would be distraught if i lost the teddy I've had since birth :( hope he's found

— em (@emmaaclaire) April 4, 2018

It seems as though the search has also prompted other users to share their tragic experiences of losing toys as a child.

The transportation authorities have been notified of the missing toy but despite everyone's efforts, it's yet to be found.