Mum furious after daughter, 6, is told to wear shorts under her school skirt

21 June 2018, 11:50 | Updated: 21 June 2018, 12:09

School children uniform

By Naomi Berners

She was told it was 'rude' to do cartwheels without wearing shorts under her school skirt.

An angry mum was left gobsmacked after her six-year-old daughter was 'told off' for not wearing shorts under her school skirt.

The woman saw red after her youngster said that she'd been doing handstands and cartwheels at an after school club in her school skirt but was told it was 'rude' because she was 'flashing' her knickers.

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Confused at the telling off that her daughter received, the mum sought advice from other parents and posted to mumsnet: "Does your school insist that girls wear shorts under their dress if they want to mess about at break time in a way that could involve someone seeing their knickers? 

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"My daughter is saying that her school and her after school club have told her off for doing gymnastic 'moves' during break time whilst wearing a dress with no shorts or tights underneath. 

"She says she's been told it's 'rude' because people can see her knickers. She is 6yrs old btw."

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Her question lead to a flurry of responses from other parents who were equally unimpressed by alleged comments.

One user commented: "There are bars in the adventure playground and the little ones hang upside down and show their pants. Which is completely normal and ok when you are 5! 

"When they get a bit older they stop doing it. It's not rude it's normal. Little children don't care about showing their pants or they think it's funny."

Another posted: "About this age my dd (dear daughter) would have insisted herself on wearing trousers (they have the option) or used to put on pair of shorts herself underneath she said cos others especially the boys tease if they see their knicks. 

"Odd to have a rule about it tho!"

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However, others could see the reasoning behind the comments, with one mum writing: "My DD wears shorts under her dresses. I wouldnt send her without."

Another wrote: "I agree, clothing should suit the activity. Skirts and dresses are not appropriate for gymnastic type activities as 1) they expose you and 2) they are not 'safe' (they can get twisted and cause you to land awkwardly - have seen this happen) - you dont wear a skirt to a gym class do you."

The mum who originally posted the comment believed that it was "completely bonkers" and that a six-year-old girl should "be allowed to do as she wish as long as she is not actually showing her 'privates' to people on purpose."

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