This mum reveals why she's proud to be called a bad parent

4 April 2018, 12:24 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

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She's been criticised for her lifestyle, but has embraced the negativity.

A mum has gone viral after claiming she is proud to be a 'bad parent.'

Sia Cooper, an American fitness blogger and mother of two, is tired of being criticised for her lifestyle and has listed every reason that she's ever been regarded as a bad parent. 


Can I just take a minute to say WOW! The “bad mom” post that I made last week went VIRAL and stirred up so many conversations around mom-shaming and judgement against moms altogether. I couldn’t be more thankful for the awesome comments, messages, and likes that it had received. Therefore, this is “part 2” of that post where I wanna expand a bit. In my last post, I mentioned several ways that I’ve been judged against as a mom and mainly it’s because I find the time to workout. I’ve been called selfish a thousand times because I choose to make fitness a priority as a mom. I’ve been told that my kids are probably neglected and that I put them off on a nanny. The hateful comments normally come from other moms who can’t or won’t put forth the same effort for whatever reason. I’ve also been judged for working out during pregnancy and received hateful messages saying my baby was going to die and get shaken up in the womb. I’ve been told my baby would have brain damage. I had gone viral during pregnancy for maintaining my 6 pack so some people commented that my abs were going to choke my baby. Yes I’m dead serious guys. And of course there’s the Target workout judgement where I filmed a fun and playful workout video while shopping at Target that went viral last year and people called me a lunatic and crazy. My point is? You can’t please everyone and y’all... other moms are the WORST! You’d think that moms would support one another instead of tearing each other apart. It seems like you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If another mom or a person in general wants to call ME a “bad mom” -vain, selfish, whatever- for putting my health first and for “having abs” then so be it! I encourage you all to take what you’ve been called a bad mom for and wear it proud. Own it! To the haters, you can kiss my abs Being a mom isn’t easy and there is no wrong way to parent IF your kids are loved, healthy, and being taken care of. Am I right? Follow @badmomconfessions to share your bad mom moments to be shared anonymously and to read other mom’s confessions! #worldsokayestmom @todayshow @goodmorningamerica @theviewabc @thetalkcbs @theellenshow @scarymommy

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She explained to Metro: "I was inspired to write the bad mum post after feeling exhausted from all the negative, judgemental mums (and non mums) who troll me for every parental decision that I make. So I wanted to rise back up against the haters and support all “bad mums”, supporting their way of parenting though it may be different than mine or anyone else’s. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong!

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Sia's posted the extensive list on her Instagram page, which read:"I’ve been called a bad mom for:

Workout out during pregnancy. 
Working out while having kids... period.
For caring about my looks and health. 
Working out in Target.
Using canned goods and plastic crockpot liners.
Having tattoos and piercings.
Enjoying wine every now and then. 
For letting my kids use technology.
For letting my kids have sugar and happy meals occasionally. 
For not “covering up” around my kids.
For running a full time business from home. 
For co-sleeping with my kids.
For collecting sports cars and motorcycles aka having a hobby. 
For taking time for myself.
For having abs."


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Sia runs her own business, Diary of a Fit Mommy, which encourages mums to get in shape whilst juggling the responsibilities that parenthood brings.

After her powerful post, Sia received a huge amount of support from many of her 926,000 Instagram followers.

One wrote: "Guess I'm a bad mom too thanks for the inspiration!!", whilst another put: "Love love love, thank you for addressing this!!!"

Parenting techniques are constantly becoming more and more scrutinised, with many mums feel they can't do right for doing wrong. Sia ended her rant by simply putting: "Being a mom isn’t easy and there is no wrong way to parent IF your kids are loved, healthy, and being taken care of. Am I right?"


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