National Living Wage 'not enough to support a child' warns charity

20 August 2018, 13:18

Cost of raising a child

A new report has found a single parent will be left £74 a week short.

UK charity, Child Poverty Action Group, has revealed that the National Living Wage is less than the wage they consider enough for a parent to raise their child on.

The charity's latest report found that "a lone parent working full-time on the ‘national living wage’ will be 20% (£74 per week) short of what they need to achieve a minimum standard of living."

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They calculated that two families working full time on the national living wage are £49 a week short of an 'acceptable' income for raising a child.

For single parents it's even worse. Lone parents on the national living wage will find themselves £74 short a week of what they need to achieve the defined minimum standard of living.

Even single parents on a reasonably paid job would be £56 a week short, according to the report.

Rising costs, benefits caps and rent increases are said to be some of the major causes of the increasing cost of raising a child.

The report reveals that the overall cost of raising a child to age 18 costs £150,753 for a couple and £183,335 for a single parent.

Despite the surprising numbers in the report a government spokesperson has told BBC News: "The employment rate is at a near-record high and the National Living Wage has delivered the highest pay increase for the lowest paid in 20 years, worth £2,000 extra per year for a full-time worker."