Peter Andre Reveals One Of His Biggest Parenting Regrets

14 November 2017, 16:44 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

Peter Andre reveals his parenting

The TV star revealed a mistake he feels he made while parenting.

Parenting is a dark art that nobody has quite perfected! 

There's no rule book that says how to be a good parent and even those celebrity parents who look like they have things under control sometimes don't.

Peter Andre recently confessed to a parenting blunder he wished he hadn't made.


Ice cream but as usual no one listens

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He revealed in his column for New! magazine that he regrets buying his oldest child Junior a mobile phone when he turned twelve in 2016 and wishes he opted for something more 'kid friendly' like a game.

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Talking about the ground rules he has set around using the mobile he said: “Obviously, he’s not allowed on social media and he’s not allowed it in his room, so the phone never goes upstairs."

“And he has to ask me when he wants to use it. There’s going to come a point where I won’t have that sort of control, so I want to keep it for as long as possible!”

Good luck! It can be hard to keep tabs on what the kids are up to in the house let alone what they are up to on their mobiles and it takes a parent putting a lot of trust in their child when buying them one.

Long gone are the days when twelve year olds would opt for a toy or game rather than a mobile device such as an iPad or table.

Although Stretch Armstrong has made it back into our list of top toys for kids this Christmas - maybe times are changing after all?!