Pregnant Mum Reveals Partner Insists She Split ALL Bills During Maternity Leave

14 March 2018, 14:42 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

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Do you think that a new mum should still pay half towards the costs of running the house during her maternity leave?

With new mums generally taking a big pay cut in order to be at home to nurture their newborn, a huge debate has sparked over whether they should still be paying half the bills.

One user of mumsnet posted the statement: "I have discussed this with my partner and he would like me to continue to contribute half towards the mortgage and bills while on maternity leave. To do so I will need to use a redundancy pay out that I was given during the first stages of pregnancy. He earns a very high wage."

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Naturally, this lead to an intense discussion as to whether this mum-to-be's partner is right to suggest they remain paying the same amount into keeping the house ticking over.

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One mum responded: "Absolutely not, except in those rare cases where 50:50 would mean both ending up with equal money for themselves", whilst another put: "He is being very unreasonable suggesting you continue 50/50. You have to make allowances and work together as a family, after all, that is what you are now!"

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One also added: "Whether on maternity leave or not, if you're in a committed and long term relationship I don't see how it can ever be fair if one partner has lots and lots of spare income to play with and the other is struggling to make ends meet. Particularly given you're off work to care for their child, you shouldn't then be penny pinching or stressing to pay the bills if they have the surplus to cover it. But I would expect to have these discussions before having a baby together."

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Other users of the website argued that this was only a fair situation if the mum-to-be was the breadwinner in the relationship. One put: "I’m still paying 50/50 but that is my choice. I’m the higher earner anyway so I saved pre-pregnancy to help cover what I need. If I can’t manage though, my DH will pick up the rest."

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Statutory Maternity Pay works out to be 90% of your weekly earnings (before tax) for the first 6 weeks, but will then change to £140.98 or 90% of your average weekly earnings (whichever is lower) for 33 weeks that follow.

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