This Letter Proves The Tooth Fairy ACTUALLY Exists And She Means Business

Tooth Fairy writes letter to boy

By Alice Westoby

This letter from the tooth fairy is certifiable proof that she's real!

When a child loses a tooth, they leave on the pillow and it gets collected by the tooth fairy as standard procedure.

But one tooth fairy takes customer service that extra bit further when serving her 'clients'.

Lucky William woke up to this note from his missing tooth expert, Mrs Sparkly Pegs...

Tooth Fairy Letter

As outlined in the the letter, once a tooth falls out the tooth fairy collects it and passes it on to her quality control team before it gets looked over and classified - William's tooth received a FAIR.

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You might think that sounds like an OK classification but Mrs Pegs makes clear in her letter that anything less than excellent is unsatisfactory in her industry,

When Heart contacted her for comment she gave us permission to share the letter with our readers and listeners as long as we remind them that 'brushing for two minutes, twice daily, is ESSENTIAL'.

Tooth Fairy Message To Heart

She also urged us to remind those with any queries about the tooth fairy industry that she is contactable on Twitter @SparklyPegs.