Mum Divides Opinion As She Slams Parents Who Send Kids To Boarding School

7 March 2018, 12:09 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

Boarding School Kids

Boarding schools have always been a contentious issue, now one mother has reignited the debate after slating parents who choose full-time boarding.

Some of the world's brightest minds have attended boarding schools, from Prime Ministers to members of the royal family and even actors such as Eddie Redmayne.

However, the idea of sending your kids off to live at a school miles from home has always been a point of contention.

Now one Mumsnet user has reignited the long-running debate after asking parents to explain their decision to "send them away" to be raised by other adults.

The post read: "I’m going to get flamed probably by the people who send their child to boarding school full time. 

But how could you?

How can you let other adults care for your child? 

Why did you send them away? 

Why have children and not have them in your home, give them their tea, talk everyday face to face. I don’t understand how anyone could do this. I really don’t. 

Anyone care to explain how you can send your child to live elsewhere without you?"

Understandably, the thread post caused a stir among parents who were left at odds end over the issue.

"Why would anyone bother to try and explain it to you when it obvious you would never understand?" wrote one angry user.

While another chimed in, "Maybe the parents are just really selfless and are prepared to make personal sacrifices to allow their children the best opportunity available?"

Some of the main defences among the thread argued that some parents with demanding jobs such as the the military or airforce opt to send their kids to boarding school in a bid to give the child more stability.

However, some users agreed with her, claiming the idea of shipping kids off to boarding school would lead to a break down in relationship between the child and their parents.

"I couldn’t do it," one user replied. "Don’t understand it at all. Personally, I think you would lose all closeness."

However, one user claimed she was sent to boarding school from as young as eight years old and it was the best experience she had growing up and taught her to be independent along with other social skills. 

She argued: "I went to boarding school from the age of 8. I wanted to go and I chose the school over schools where I could have been a day pupil. Not because I don't love my parents or am not close to them, but because it was a fantastic school that suited me down to the ground. By the final year every pupil in my class boarded at least at few nights a week because it was such a great atmosphere.

"I was a weekly boarder so went home at weekends. Have a fantastic relationship with my parents now and we're very close. My Mum cried all the way home when she first dropped me off, but ultimately I was the happiest there and certainly far better off than when I was a day pupil elsewhere. 

I think it's great for kids if they're in an environment they like. Teaches you to be self-sufficient and independent among many other things. I don't expect those who are vehemently against it will ever understand, but I'm grateful to my parents for allowing me to go to the school of my choice."

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