There's Something Seriously Wrong With This Pregnancy Advert

22 June 2017, 12:16 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

There's Something Seriously Wrong With This Pregna

By Hollie Borland

People are pointing out the obvious mistake in this pregnancy test advert. Once you see it you'll be crying with laughter!

When do you decided to take a pregnancy test? When you realised that you've missed your period? Or when the morning sickness sets in?

Well, this brand of pregnancy test has a theory. According to this advert by Etcetera, you should do it "when you want to be sure". 

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There's Something Seriously Wrong With This Pregna

Well, the woman in the advert certainly looks surprised at the news, despite the woman in the photograph featuring a rather large baby bump!

The advert, which was produced in 2011, was recently shared on Twitter and has been doing the rounds ever since. 

Captioned "when you need to know", people have been laughing at the irony of the woman needing a pregnancy test when she is quite clearly in the later stages of pregnancy!

However, some people are offering their own theories: 

We hope she knew before she took the test!