Stacey Solomon reveals she took her son to JAIL to teach him a lesson

2 August 2018, 17:28 | Updated: 19 October 2018, 15:41

Stacey Solomon children

The Loose Women panelist says was forced to take drastic measures to overcome her eldest son's "rebellious" behaviour.

Stacey Solomon took her son to the police station in a bid to stop him going off the rails. 

The 29-year-old revealed that she begged police to give her son a dressing down, and even give him a tour of a prison cell to warn him against going off the rails.

The former X Factor star says she took her 10-year-old son Zachary to a police station in a last ditch effort to instil in some discipline, and said she was delighted when they offered help.

She said: "My eldest had a really, really difficult period at one point in his life not too long ago, and I was really struggling to communicate with him." 

Stacey, who also has six-year-old-son Leighton, added: "We were arguing a lot, and he was being really, really rebellious. It got to the point where it was upsetting.

"He was having a really tough time – and I was having a tough time reacting to the way he was behaving – so I pulled into our local police station and I took him inside." 

"And thank God – because I was at that point when, you know when you’re frustrated with your child that you’re in tears? Because I just didn’t know what to do with him.

"[The police] were incredible,’ she continued, before explaining that officers had shown her son the set-up in the station – including the cells – and spoken to him at length."

Stacey claims the experience had a positive impact on her son's behaviour going forward, as she mused: "It really changed my life: I know that it was a waste of police time, but it was the best time ever spent.

"It just changed our life and they were incredible."