Supernanny Jo Frost hints parents are more interested in their iPhones than toilet training their kids

20 August 2018, 17:18 | Updated: 21 August 2018, 10:47

Super nanny toilet training

By Alice Westoby

The TV nanny has questioned whether parents' attitudes and behaviour are to blame for kids not hitting basic life skills milestones.

Supernanny Jo Frost has sparked debate after questioning if modern parents are LAZY.

The TV childcare expert, 47, took to the social media site to ask if children seem to be taking longer to hit crucial milestones - such as independently using the toilet - because their parents are failing to teach them the life skills they need.

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Caveating her statement by making it clear she wasn't talking about children with medical condition, she said: "Toddlers still on pacifiers; teachers potty training 5YO; 6YO still in pushchairs; bottoms still being wiped at 7YO. 

"Have parents become lazy, enabling, Too helpful to Please? What is your take on this all, would love to hear your thoughts please."

It stirred up a strong reaction from her army of Twitter followers who were quick to respond to Jo's thought provoking question. 

Many seemed to agree with the sentiment that lazy parenting is to blame for kids developing skills more slowly with one user quipping "too busy with their iPhones to bother with their children". 

Jo agreed and said that parents being hooked to their devices is sometimes a breakdown in communication with the child.

She also agreed with another user who said that she felt it's "not always about laziness" and instead "sometimes children take a bit longer or parents circumstances don’t make it possible."

Joe Frost rose to fame on Channel 4 parenting show Supernanny in which she was sent into the households of families with some of the most unruly kids in an attempt to bring order and arm the parents - and those watching at home - with her tips.