Teacher issues 'toilet passes' that let pupils only use loo TWICE a month

10 September 2018, 13:23 | Updated: 10 September 2018, 15:17

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Parents are divided after one teacher issued 'toilet passes' to stop pupils spending a penny during her lessons.

A teacher has gone to extreme lengths to stop her pupils from using the toilet during her lessons - and parents are furious.

The teacher, who is being identified as Ms. White of Aspire Hanley Middle School in Memphis, has come under fire and sparked an internet-wide debate about classroom discipline after a note revealed she was restricting children from using the toilet during lessons.

A picture posted to Twitter by a parent, showed that children in her 8th grade class were being given bi-monthly passes that enabled them to go to the toilet, visit the nurse or get water.

Failure to comply with the teacher's new rules, would see pupils given an automatic detention in addition to "a zero on whatever assignment I decide to walk out on."

Speaking to Bored Panda about the note, Jaadee said: "I thought it was abhorrent. The issue is much deeper than a teacher with crazy rules. This shows someone with control issues who has no power or authority at home, so they bring what little power they have to the one place where they will have no resistance – the classroom."

The note has since gained over 4.6k likes on Twitter and over 7K comments with the majority being outraged at the divisive discipline method.

The school has since spoken out against the teacher's methods, claiming it's "not official policy" and the circumstances of the note were being reviewed.