Your toddler should be able to say this many words by the ages of 1,2 and 3.

18 July 2018, 15:34

Toddler speech milestones

By Alice Westoby

A speech therapist has shared the benchmarks for a child learning to talk.

A big area of worry for some parents is how their children's speech is developing and whether it is happening at the right place or whether they are lagging behind.

Speech therapist, Laura Reinhardt, has helpfully revealed the milestones your child should be reaching with their speech and when.

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She revealed the useful information to Australian parenting website, North Shore Mums, where she tried to answer questions about speech that many parents wish they had the answer to.

Here's what she said...

By one years old

By a child's first birthday they should have at least spoken their first word.

By 18 months old

At this point, a child is half way through their first year and should be gradually using more words. She explains:

'At the 18 month mark, I would expect to see a child using twenty words.

'They don't need to be clearly or succinctly pronounced, but they do have to be consistent.'


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By two years old

Laura explains in the article that 'by this age, your child should be putting two words together, such as big and ball, mummy and go or yellow and sun".

In order to start doing this your child should have around 50 words in their vocabulary bank.

By three years old

"The day a child turns three, they could potentially have one thousand words in their vocabulary" says Laura.

They should be using sentences of five to seven words at this age.

Laura Reinhardt is a speech pathologist and director of Sydney's North Shore Speech Therapy franchise.