Brits' favourite playground games revealed - is yours on the list?

26 April 2018, 14:57 | Updated: 7 June 2018, 17:00

school playground

A new study claims adults reminisce about playing hide or seek, British bulldog and stuck in the mud.

Other games that made the list were skipping, tag, what's the time Mr. Wolf and old favourite rock, paper, scissors.

It's undeniable that kids today have very different lifestyles to most people aged 30 and up, but it seems their parents wish they would put down their tablets and head outside for some rough and tumble. 

A huge four our of five people surveyed by believe that engaging in real play-time with other children taught them valuable life lessons as a child.

Similarly, 57 per cent thinking playground activities helped them to develop team working skills, and 44 per cent saying playing with other kids developed their hand-eye coordination.

Even though most outdoor activities would leave us with bruises and scars, two in five Brits believe hard knocks on the playground taught them to be gracious in defeat, with another 38 per cent believing playground politics helped to make them more determined and confident in later life. 

However, it seems Brits believe the more brutal games wouldn't go down well in modern playgrounds, especially now that conker wrestling and kiss chase have all been banned.

British Bulldog and leapfrog are also activities considered too physical to have a place on modern playgrounds.

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1. Skipping              

2. Hide and Seek  

3. Tag / It 

4. Hopscotch          

5.  Marbles              

6. Red Rover / British Bulldog         

7. Conkers 

8. What's the time Mr. Wolf? 

9. Rounders  

10. Rock, paper, scissors     

11. Cat's Cradle

12. Kiss chase

13. Catch

14. Stuck in the Mud

15. Piggy in the middle

16. Jacks

17. Leapfrog

18. Double Dutch

19. Simon Says

20. 40-40-In 

21. Cops and Robbers

22. I spy

23.  Ring a Ring o' Roses        

24. Pogs

25. Duck, Duck, Goose

26. The floor is lava

27. Wrestling            

28. Wink Murder    

29. Thumb War       

30. Beanbag toss