When Mum's Away... What Happens When Dad's Left To Look After The Kids!

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When mum's away it's Dad's turn to play and the kids have so much more fun!

It's a well known fact that leaving the kids with Dad is asking for trouble, as these mischievous photos show!

Whether its dressing the baby up as a biker or giving their baby grow around a table leg so they don't crawl out of sight, Dad's have done it and thanks to the evidence here we know about it too!

Guaranteed you won't be able to look at these photos without cracking up. 

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One dad noticed how his baby's head looked like a kiwi

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How one dad chose to spend Father's Day

This is how I've chosen to spend my Father's Day. from funny

When bath time is more than just a wash

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Dad's way of stopping them crawling away

When Dad gets to dress his kids up for halloween

My son was Joe Rogan for his first Halloween. from pics

'When I grow up I want ride a motorbike, Mum!'

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When Dad's too lazy to actually push the swing

My attempt at babysitting from funny

Because everyone needs a labelling machine

Wife bought a label maker to help get organized with our new daughter. I'm already finding it helpful. from funny

When the baby seems to have aged in your absence

I left my husband alone with the baby for ONE hour and came back to this. from funny

When Dad takes World Book Day too seriously

My husband may have gone too far in dressing our son like an old man for school today from pics

Who says that dada can't multitask?

Asked my husband to watch the baby. from funny

Keep doing what you do dads! But seriously, stay safe...