Winter activites that the whole family will love

25 January 2019, 10:36

Family fun is all around during winter
Family fun is all around during winter. Picture: Getty

Anywhere and everywhere can be a winter wonderland with a bit of imagination.

Just because the temperature has dropped doesn't mean the fun levels have to follow suit.

While crisp or chilly weather and dark evenings can often put a damper on many people's moods, to youngsters it can make for an exciting change.

With a packed lunch of sandwiches, fruit and some healthy snacks, there's nothing stopping you from making a whole day of it.

Here are our pick of five fun family adventures that will create a lifetime of memories.

Seaside excursion

If you're not too far from the coast, why not head to your local seaside?

Visiting off-peak in autumn or winter means that there will be fewer people around - and more space to run and play in the sand.

Why not create a mini 'Family Olympics'?

Take a tape measure and see who wins the long jump, or make hurdles out of sand for an exhilarating race.

Other toys like footballs and frisbees are also ideal for beach days - just watch they don't end up in the surf!

Local beach more stony than sandy? Skimming stones and rock pooling are just as exciting for kids.

Explore your local area

Why not choose a town or area near where you live and visit a local attraction?

Whether it's a steam museum or park, a change of scenery doesn't have to mean travelling far from home.

Put on a play

If the weather is simply too awful to venture out in, why not help the kids put on their own play?

Sit down in the morning and brainstorm ideas for a short play to be performed to the family later that day.

Give kids different jobs - who will make posters and programmes? Who is in charge of the script and costumes?

Help them develop their ideas, and turn your living room or a bedroom in to a make-shift theatre.

Later watch on as your kids unleash their hidden thespian sides - and record the performance on a phone or tablet for everyone to watch back together later.

Enjoy nature in the warm

If you get a lot of birds in your garden, entice them to come closer to the house with a DIY pine cone bird feeder.

Fill a pine cone with peanut butter and stud with seeds, then hang outside a window.

Then as the birds fly over to enjoy a wintery snack, kids can draw their new feathered friends.

Biodegradable graffiti

If you've had a good covering of snow, fill an empty spray bottle with water and food colouring, and turn the ground in to your canvas.

Not only is it something messy that will wash away on its own, it's also a great chance for kids to practise their letters.