Youngest Versus Eldest: Who's Mum's ULTIMATE Favourite?

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Admit it, whether you the youngest, middle child or eldest, you've always harboured secret feelings about who's the REAL family favourite... now it turns out, you were right all along!

'Fess up, we ALL know that feeling of sibling rivalry and intense competition between our bothers and sisters. 

It's usually assumed that parents have a sweet spot for their last born. 

But new research suggests that in reality, the final chick to fly the nest isn't the most adored.

Rather, instead of fussing after the youngest, the study shows that in reality most parents seem to favour their firstborn child. 

The sociologist at the University of California involved in the work claim that ONLY 26% of parents said that they were neutral when it came to not picking a favourite from their children... what the?! 

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What is more, a lot of this feeling of favouritism actually comes from the kids themselves.

You know that 'TAKE THAT!' feeling that comes with being able to so something your little bro can't? Well apparently that's what leads to kids feeling that their parents are super proud of them. 

Well Professor Conger who published the work in the Journal of Family Psychology, suggests that those of us with younger siblings, get a huge sense of accomplishment from being able to do things that the little ones can't yet. 

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So if you expected the first born to feel all hard done by as mum and dad lavish attention on the bubba of the family, think again! The bias actually exists in the other direction! Who knew? 


So instead of feeling sorry for the poor 'ole eldest child, in future let's focus on the youngest nipper. GOT THAT MUM AND DAD!