This Is Why Barking Like A Dog Could Be The Trick To Remembering Your Keys

19 December 2017, 12:35 | Updated: 19 December 2017, 14:20

Dog Woofing

By Naomi Berners

You may feel the need to start woofing too.

We'll run up the stairs to grab something, then stand at the top feeling puzzled and trying to remember what we legged it up there for.

Or we'll put our phone down somewhere, get ready to leave the house then have an absolute panic fit trying to remember where we left it.

If you find yourself doing this more often than you care to admit, there's some good news, as experts have discovered a way to combat this kind of forgetfulness!

But...the bad news is that you'll look and sound totally ridiculous - you'll need to bark like a dog.

Human behaviour expert Jez Rose explains that: "By consciously carrying out a significant action when you put something down, you are creating a mental tag on that moment."

Apparently, we do know where we leave things, but it's recalling that information from a deep dark part of our brain that's causes us to draw a temporary blank.

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Plus, combined with the emotional stress and adrenaline that comes with the panic of misplacing something, our brains struggle to piece anything together.

He explains: "These hormones, along with the urge for the brain to search itself for answers, can create a confusing sensory and information overload, making it impossible to recall where we put our item."

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However, if you feel that you need a technique which doesn't involve mimicking a pooch in public, Jez Rose has suggested other, more discreet alternatives:

1. Complimenting your item
If you give your item a compliment when placing it somewhere, it will allow you to consciously recall the location. Jez has offered up the example of: "I’ll let you sunbathe here by the window, Percy the Pen".
So, when you're in a flap because you can't find Percy, you'll remember he's enjoying a nice sunbathe next to the window.  

2. Pinching yourself
Inflicting some sort of minor pain will kick start your cognitive thinking and serve as a memory marker for where you placed your item.

3. Make things a habit
Possibly the most rational suggestion is getting into the habit of leaving things in certain places. Put keys on a key hook. Leave your pens in a pen pot. Then you will always know where they are. Simple.

It's also advised that children can actually be a help, rather than a hinderance. Apparently kids between the ages of 5-9 are best at recalling things as they are experiencing "Optimum cerebral development" at that stage in their lives.

The only snag with all this? Remembering to remember the technique to stop you forgetting in the first place.

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