16 Things Only Sleep Obsessed People Will Understand

Little Mermaid sleeping

Mornings are a thing from Satan, pyjamas are your favourite outfit of the day and you can't sit in front of the TV without nodding off. 

Does this sound like you? Well there's nothing to worry about, you're not alone. 

It turns out us Brits are getting 6 mins, seconds less sleep a night on average than we should!

Infographic: Who's Getting The Most Sleep? | Statista
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And if those 'morning people' types don't get it, just show them this. It should help explain a few things...

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1. Alarms are the invention of the devil. 

2. Your first thought when you wake up is how many hours until you can sleep again.


3. Instead of counting sheep you count the hours of sleep you'll get. 

4. When friends say: 'Did you watch that thriller on TV at 9pm last night?' Of course not. You were already in bed.

5. Mornings should be a punishable offence.

6. If you had things your way, sleep would be the sweet dessert after dinner. 

7. 10pm is a late night.  

8. You hate sleepovers because you miss your own bed too much. 

9. A promised early night *wink wink* is something you take literally. 

10. When you get in from work, the first thing you do is put your pyjamas on.

11. Your friend wants to start a film at 9pm. What is this madness?! 

12. You are literally so mad that Prince Charming DARED to wake Snow White from her slumber.

13. People who suggest that there's such a thing as 'too much sleep' are the enemy. 

14. If you're in bed before midnight after a night out then it was a success. 

15. Weekends mean a lie-in, not a social life.

16. Curse the person who dares to wake you up...

Sweet dreams....