Feeding Your Pet Could Be Costing You WAY More Than Necessary

kittens eating food stock image

Owning a pet doesn't have to break the bank...IF you're savvy about things.

We all know that the cost of owning a family pet can be huge, however, for most of us that little furry face waiting for you at the door when you come home is totally worth it!

Nevertheless, love doesn't come cheap. 

It's generally accepted that the price of owning a cat over it's whole lifetime will set you back around £17,000, whilst a dog could be anything from £16-31,000. 

However, according to new research from consumer brand 'Which?' you could be forking out for WAY MORE than you need to for your beloved furball's supper.

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We all want to do best by our pets, BUT it turns out that in many cases, simply buying branded kip instead of the original doesn't cut it.

Instead brands are cashing in, whilst our pooches and pussy cat's aren't actually getting any higher levels of nutrition. 

Check out how these brands measure up:

Cost of pet food infographic 2

We tend to assume is something's more expensive, it's better quality. Right? 

Well that's not necessarily the case, as 'Which?' investigators found. 

A complete pet food should theoretically provide your household animal with all the nutrients it needs. So they're not gaining anything extra simply by eating the pricier brand.

So it turns out that top-of-the-range dog grub could be adding a huge financial burden to your wallet, but not actually helping improve your pet's health. 

The moral of the story - don't be conned by the belief that price = quality. IT DOESN'T.

As long as your pets are happy and healthy, that's the only thing that counts at the end of the day :)