Parents can't believe their eyes as pet dogs help toddler escape to get them snacks

9 June 2018, 13:31 | Updated: 9 June 2018, 13:32

...and they caught it all on tape too

While it's well known that dogs are a man's best friend, what they didn't tell you is that the pet pugs are also a dab hand at planning a great escape.

For one unexpected couple, their family Golden Retrievers Bleu and Colby, aka Cheese Patrol, proved that they've got what it takes to pull off the biggest heist of them all - helping the toddler get loose.

After realising that their partner-in-crime, 15-month-old Chloe, was a more generous snack feeder than her parents, the pet pups set about their plan to set Chloe free so she could feed their hungry tummies.

baby escape

Speaking to Bored Panda, Dad Chris explained, "Colby parks himself under Chloe’s high chair every night.

"Lately she’s gotten tall enough to reach into their food bin, so she scoops out kibble and drops it for them, much to our chagrin."

So one morning Bleu and Colby's persistent barks outside mum and dad's room wasn't working, the pups decided to take matters in their own hands and break free toddler Chloe from her bed to get snacks.

baby escape

"When 6 am rolls around and they haven’t been fed yet, they definitely go looking," Chris continues.

Quietly opening the door to Chloe's bedroom, the Cheese Patrol team wake the toddler up with licks to her face and nudging making strong hints to the door where the snacks lay in wait.

It wasn't until Chloe's mum Nina discovered the youngster wandering free in the hallway, despite not being able to reach the door handle herself, that the parent's suspected something fishy.

Trying to get to the bottom of mystery, Nina set up a secret camera in Chloe's room, and what she discovered was too adorable for words.

"They definitely know exactly what they are doing,” Chris said. “And Chloe feeds them on purpose."

The jailbreak video was such a hit that over 700k viewers clicked to watch it.

One viewer wrote, "I'm not sure what's more impressive...the fact that the dogs know how to jailbreak...or that the toddler knows where all the snacks are."

While another posted: "This is too funny, you better lock the front door. Who knows what they are planning now. Maybe a walk in the park"

The gig might be up for them soon enough though as software company manager Chris and his wife Nina, who is a nurse, will be moving house soon where the security will be much tighter.

Well it was fun while it lasted hey, pups.