Should We Be Worried About Plus-Size Clothes For Kids?

20 September 2017, 12:12 | Updated: 21 September 2017, 10:58

Children playing

With kids as young as three being offered plus-size clothes, is the UK's growing problem with overweight youngsters spiralling out of control?

We've all heard of plus-size fashion for men and women, but how about for toddlers? 

High-street giant Next have become one of the first retailers to offer a range of larger casual clothing for children as young as three. 

The collection features more than 40 items, including jeans and leggings.

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Next say their 'plus fit' range is more generous through the waist and hips for a more comfortable fit.

Next 'plus fit' range

Their 'age 3 plus fit' trousers have a 58cm waistband that measures 5cm larger than a standard waistband at 53cm.

They already have a school wear collection that's made up of three different types of fit: slim, wide, and wide plus.

Next 'plus fit' range

Many people have hailed the move as more inclusive, but for health experts it’s a worrying sign that the UK’s obesity problem is worsening.

Last year data from the National Child Measurement Programme for England showed that more children than ever are clinically obese.

A Next spokesman told The Telegraph: "Our different ‘fits’ cater for children with different size waist and hips, taking into account that children come in all different shapes and sizes."

In 2010, Marks and Spencer trialled a plus size range of children's clothes for child as young as three but decided not to make it permanent.

The retailer currently offers a limited plus range for children from the age of four.